by the team A(r)CT, based on the book of Wilhelm Reich



by the team A(r)CT, based on the book of Wilhelm Reich


Municipal and Regional Theatre of Corfu - Small Stage

  • 08 Oct 2022 21:00


"I'm afraid of you, little man. I fear you, because the future of humanity depends on you. I fear you because your main concern in life is to escape from yourself. You're sick, little man, very sick. It's not your fault, but you have an obligation to heal yourself. You would ʽhave long ago thrown off your chains if you had not encouraged oppression yourself and supported it directly by your actions." 

excerpt from the book "Listen, Man" by Wilhelm Reich

Based on the work of the "heretic" psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich "Listen, Little Man", the A(r)CT group presents the performance "Look, Little Man" in the framework of the International Festival of Corfu, on Saturday the 8th of October at the Small Stage of the Municipal Theatre of Corfu, with free admission to the public.

A journey into the psychic world of the man who often thinks he is the master of himself but in the meantime has been subjugated. It is a cry of anguish against the image of the everyday man who collapses and flattens in the face of a fascist system and a prison-like society. This cry is carried onto the stage and becomes a comic tragedy. A plea and a desperate prayer to the very man who has allowed himself to become a simple little man who hasn't even the courage to face the sun. 

Drawing inspiration from artists and movements of the author's time, such as futurism, surrealism and dadaism, the group brings this reflection to the stage and explores how body and movement can communicate a message as powerful and solid as that of the book. 

The performers take the form of this pitiful man and carry this complaint on stage, raising questions both individually and collectively. They aim to touch the man on multiple levels by pointing out his inertia and vanity. They themselves think they are human. But they are confronted with their true nature. They are dazzled by power. They confuse their need for spiritual elevation with an arrogant zeal for glory.

A tragic ode to man.

A reminder of the basic fact that we have drifted away from the simple, middle, truths of life.

An exhortation to reflect on what is happening around us and to resist this continuing moral decline. 

"Look, Little Man" is an anthropocentric play, with the main characters being three everyday, similar people who live surrounded by what they have been taught to believe and under the illusion that they are free. 

Will they manage to go from being little people to becoming People? 

Performance trailer is here.

The play is a production sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and premiered in June 2019 at the Apokhanis Theatre. It has also been presented at the Rhematia Theatre as part of Our Festival 7, at the AB Cinema as part of the Culture is Athens programme of the municipality of Athens, at the Lithographion Theatre in Patras and will soon visit Istanbul for a performance at the Istanbul Fringe Festival.


  • Eleni Papaioannou

Set Design

  • Eleni Papaioannou


  • Emmy Amerikanou

  • Eriketi Andreadaki

  • Mihalis Saganis