Palace of St. Michael and St. George

The Palace of St.Michael and George is an important part of Corfu's history, but it is also considered an architectural masterpiece. The foundation stone was placed in 1819 on the occasion of the transfer of the Order of Saints Michael and George from Britain.  Furthermore, in the past, the Palace housed the Ionian Senate and it was the summer residence of the former royal family for half a century. It consists of three main halls, the Dance Hall, the Banquet Hall and the Throne Hall which is the most imposing of all with the crystal chandeliers, the deep red tapestry, the heavy curtains, the rich carpets and of course the Throne on a wooden pedestal. The Palace has now been renovated and operates as a Museum of Classical Antiquities  and it was in that building,  that the Summit of the European Union was held in 1994.

Address: 114 Kapodistriou str. Corfu P.C:49100
Telephone: 30 2661 030443