Courtyard of the Church of St. John of Kynopiastes

The island of Corfu in its long history has many great temples that have left indelible imprints in the course of history, some continue to function intact, others stand in ruins, others have disappeared completely. Just nine kilometres southwest of Corfu town is the traditional village of Kinopiastes, known in archival sources as early as 1340.
Just as the first steps of the village are lost in the depths of time, the age of its oldest churches, such as that of St. John the Baptist, which is located near the centre of the village, is also undetermined.

The church of St. John the Baptist, now a parish church, formerly a brotherhood of the Skiadopoulos, Mazarakis and Gianniotis families, like all the buildings, was called for a thorough renovation in 1902 at the expense of the monk Anthimos Mazarakis and with the help of the village community. The church already in the 16th century is mentioned in notarial sources to have a narthex and a pen that surrounded the church and probably the priest's cell.

Address: Kinopiastes 490 84.