The Museum of Palaiopolis-Mon Repos is located in the Mon Repos Estate, approximately 2 km from the center of the modern city of Kerkyra. It is housed in the homonymous villa built during the British occupation by High Commissioner Frederic Adam (1828-1831) and it is a typical example of neoclassical architecture of the Regency era (Regency-style). On the ground floor, various memorabilia of the British occupation are exhibited, while, on the first floor, antiquities from the archaeological site of Palaiopolis can be seen on display.

Address: 16 Derpfeld str, Corfu 49100 (please visit the page here to find the place on the map).
Telephone: ( 30) 2661041369

Please that the following are not allowed:

  • Entrance to the venue after starting a show, except during an interval.
  • Smoking and eating food and drinks in the room.
  • Use mobile phones during performances.
  • Photo, with or without flash, and sound or video recording during a show.