Church of St. Spyridon

One of Corfu’s most important monuments, the Church of St. Spyridon, pops up in between the cantons of the old city, built in 1589 and considered to be an integral part of Corfu’s Cultural Heritage.

Unique elements of the temple are the impressive marble frame of the door, the bell tower, the tall iconostasis of Parian marble and the 17 drawings of Spyros Prosalentis, local painter and professor of Fine Arts, on the ceiling.

In front of its characteristic steps, the canton of St. Spyridon completes the unique scenery with the imposing temple.

Address: 32 Church of St. Spyridon st., Corfu P.C. 49 100 (please visit the page here to find the place on the map).

Telephone: 30 26615 50955