Old Fortress - Versiada

An architectural masterpiece of the fortification art of the Byzantine and Venetian era, Corfu's first fortress, rises and dominates the eastern side of the Old Town, offering idyllic panoramic views. Inside the Old Fortress of Corfu, imposing buildings, constructed by the Venetians and the English, are preserved. The Doric church of Saint George and the Ionian - Latin Chapel are very special. 

The Old Fortress operates today as an open space of monumental character, which houses: the Historical Archive of Corfu, the Public Library, the Museum of Greek Music Research of the Ionian University, the Byzantine Collection, services of the Ministry of Culture, the Greek music research laboratory of the Ionian University as well as exhibition and event halls. Its free spaces are used for musical events. There is also a cafeteria, a restaurant and a point of sale of cultural items.

Today, the Old Fortress, together with the New Fortress, the Old Town of Corfu and its other fortifications, are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Address: Corfu, P.C. 49131, Corfu, Corfu Old Town.
Phones: 2661048120, 2661027935.